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Ivory at a Glance

Created with Passion

Ivory is a unique fashion brand committed to bringing finest quality products with a perfect fit of the latest trends for women. Ivory understands the needs of women, creating products with passion focused in showing the feminine part. Since 1997, Ivory has been addressing women aged between 24 and 50. Through its collection, Ivory enjoys a loyal customer base built up over 19 years offering them quality and fabulous styles. Steady growth over the years has turned Ivory into a consolidated brand and a major fashion reference in the Middle East. Today Ivory products are present in 4 countries with more than 19 stores.

Our Uniqueness

As a brand, Ivory represents only those who strive to be unique. The uniqueness of our brand comes out of the exceptional range of designs that are brought to life. Each year more than 800 designs are made, we choose only the best out of this range and only few of them make their way to our stores. IVORY chooses only the best fabrics and accessories, drawing attention to smallest details. Our creations draw feminine, chic and sensual women, with character and personality. Always maintaining the Middle Eastern ladies tradition and reaching with every piece a universal elegance.

A Group of Talents

A team of only those who strive to be unique and successful are gathered only to bring the best. A selected team of professionals who are passionate about fashion are grouped together to create, design, and bring to life only the best of our collection. Each member of the team is well-trained and understands the needs of our customers in order to give them what they deserve best, “finest quality, unique designs, and best price”.